Remembering my first vacation with friends

How did it started … ?

Remembered I was a poor student, working part-time, trying very hard to save every penny to pay up my tuition fee. Life was tough when you do not earn enough to support yourself.

Despite all the hardship, I was lucky because I have roommates who shares those magical moments with me. It was Boim who had initiated this trip.

All of us were working part-time and studying at the same time to cover our daily expenses. Therefore, a luxury vacation was not possible. But, he managed to convinced us that we do not need to fly to go on vacation and found a 3 days 2 nights package tour which cost less than 200 SGD!! “Oh my goodness …  this is something I can afford!” I was telling myself when he showed us the details itinerary on internet. DEAL!

Where did we go?

TIOMAN ISLAND in Malaysia!!!

Yes! No big deal to you, but it was big deal to me. First time I have packed my bag, left the house together with my roommates and board on the big bus towards malaysia. Big deal for me okay!

My first real Vacation … 

My first snorkelling trip …

My first encounter with nemo, the clown fish …

My first famous RAMLY BURGER from Malaysia …

I sent out my first POSTCARD to my best-friend …

Until today I still can’t find a ramly burger that taste as good as the one I had in TIOMAN.

Those first times were my magical moments which I could never be able to erase from my memories.

Thank you my dear friends (Kribo, Boim, Tin Tin and Karina) whom had shared this wonderful moment with me.

This is the starting point … this is the trip that made want to see and travel to the world.